Opus vs. Minvo:
Which makes the best clips?

Minvo is an all-in-one alternative to Opus chosen by 10,000 creators and businesses. See why Minvo is the best choice for AI video editing.


Trusted by 10,000+ Creators & Businesses

So, what's the difference between Opus and Minvo?

Minvo is a more powerful and precise all-in-one social media video creation tool. With Minvo, you can easily take your video and turn it into engaging short-form content. Below are the key differences between Opus and Minvo.

Auto-detect viral clips with AI
Auto-reframe videos and focus on speakers
Animated Video Subtitles
Translate Video Subtitles to 50+ Languages
Post to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn
Auto-insert emojis with AI
Transcript-based video editing
Brand kit & presets
Precise timeline video editing
Select your own clips from your transcript
Sound effects
Auto-apply engaging video effects (e.g. zooms/pops)
Social media analytics (views, likes, comments)
Turn videos into articles, LinkedIn Posts, Tweets, and more

1 YouTube Link -> 10 viral clips

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